Asshole Ghost

Not all ghosts are lost victorian-era souls looking for closure. Some of them are just... dicks.


Gerald Grissette
Sophie Brabenec
Chris Marroy
Daniel Chavez


Created by:
Daniel Chavez


Special thanks to:
Josh Cordes
Eric Scott
Kaitlin Thompson
Alex Ford
Dave Fisher
Rebekka Pesqueira
Jessie Schneiderman
Scott Spivack
Thayer Frechette

Birds and the Bees TMI

Parents find out about their teenage daughter's new boyfriend, and decide to have their version of the "talk" with her.


Directed by:
Janelle Goforth


Written and Produced by:
Daniel Chavez


Zach Alden
Morgan Snyder
Staci White

Internet Eulogies

What happens when people from the internet post thoughtful messages about a fallen friend?


Directed and edited by:

Audrey Ellis Fox

Written and produced by:

Daniel Chavez


Ify Ijeoma Nwadiwe


Monica Allan, Jakob Berger, Armond Dorsey, Olivia Finnegan, Molly Moore, Carrie Sullivan, Caroline Sweet, Mariela Ticas, and Staci White.

Special Thanks:

Nathan Hurlburt

Asshole Fighter Pilot

Just a fighter pilot trolling his partner on a sortie.


Written and created by: Daniel Chavez



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