Television Specs

The D Team
A telekinetic Latino, reluctant to become a super hero, teams up with his black comic book nerd best friend and his well-connected Asian ex-girlfriend, to stop a group of super villains from taking over the world.
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Bionic Becky
An adventurous 11 year old girl, with a rare condition that leaves her deathly allergic to mostly everything, must navigate the emotional battlefield of middle school... in a giant robot suit.
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Perfect Elevens
A lonely software developer unkowlingly creates sentience within a group of sex robots, and becomes embroiled in a secret war between the government and the powerful female androids he helped create.
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Feature Specs

The ID
A college student, born without a Super-Ego, has to complete a list of tasks to become a gentleman and win over the father of his fiancee, while his party-obsessed roommates try to help.
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Asshole Ghost
The ghost of a 1970's asshole haunts the apartment in which he asphyxiated on his own bong water.
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Don't Wake Up Hitler
SS Guard Hans has the daunting task of trying to keep the Nazi elite from waking Hitler the day before the big invasion.
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Congressional Soap Sculpting Competition
A look into the inner workings of Congress as they try to pass the most benign legislation.
Congressional Soap Sculpting Competition[...]
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Do you need tasks done around your house but are too uncomfortable to hire black workers, and feel bad for making a white kid do a menial task? Then call Rent-A-Juan! The racially neutral alternative to staff all your household labor needs.
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